Promises Delivered Through Expertise

The molecules we engineer at Apiscent Labs hold tremendous promise. They enrich lives, they save lives, they make products better. Our clients range from global giants and well-known brands to emerging and virtual organizations on the cutting edge of new developments.  They all share a single and important need – to quickly obtain high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients within critical timelines.

We work closely with our clients to meet the unique needs of every project in research, process development, scale-up and commercialization.

Apiscent Labs Expertise in the team


Apiscent Labs' world-class team of Ph.D. chemists brings more than 100 years of collective experience to every project. They're trusted advisors, innovators and chemistry problem solvers.

From reducing the number of steps in a multi-step synthesis to developing entirely new synthetic pathways, they've conducted research on thousands of synthetic organic moieties.

Process Development

Whether you have a pre-existing technical package or you've turned to Apiscent Labs to develop it, our process development team will improve the synthetic pathway so it's deemed scalable. Our process includes removing chromatography, replacing highly toxic reagents, facilitating purification steps and solidifying an economic commercial manufacturing route.

Scale Up

Scaling the developed process to larger batch sizes creates unique challenges. At Apiscent Labs, our Ph.D. Chemists are accountable to ensure a successful scale-up. We frequently work through multiple challenging issues including heat transfer, kinetics and agitation.


Once a successful scale-up is established, there's a full court press to improve the cost structure looking at optimizing batch size, equipment parameters, comprehensive sourcing, engineering, purchasing, and volume minimization.

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